Do steam cleaners kill fleas and their eggs

Does Steam Cleaning Kill Fleas and Their Eggs?

Fleas can infest a carpet, bedding and literally every other part of your house. They’re hard to get rid of, but today, I’ll show you how to use a steam cleaner to kill fleas effectively.

Steam from a quality steam cleaner at 212°F is hot enough to kill fleas, larvae and eggs. In order to get rid of fleas, clean the infested areas with steam 2 to 3 times a week. This destroys fleas at all developmental stages. Also, treat infested pets in order to prevent the reintroduction of fleas in the house.

There are many ways of killing fleas, but today, I will show you a more organic option that will help you get rid of fleas in your mattress and house for good.

Steam Cleaning Kills Fleas

Steam cleaning kills fleas and can be a helpful technique for controlling and getting rid of them for good. Some of the hardest places to reach in the house are corners. On a carpet, it is also very hard to get rid of tiny pests. Using a steam carpet cleaner is the easiest way to kill fleas in those areas.

Does steam kill flea eggs?

Try dry vacuums. They do not entirely get rid of eggs and larvae. Steam cleaning is superior at removing all sorts of dirt and pests such as fleas and bedbugs. The high temperatures produced by the device, usually 100 degrees Celsius is enough to kill the pests, their eggs and any stage of development.

In order to get the best results, ensure that you do a steam cleaning routine in areas infested with fleas. Fleas lay eggs that hatch within 3 days, meaning that you are likely to have an increased population within a few days.

Embark on a thorough steam cleaning process for 2 to 3 days a week in order to kill fleas and their eggs.

Caution with Steam Cleaners

If you are already using an insecticide to get rid of fleas and bedbugs, you should know that the effectiveness of the chemical will significantly reduce when you add steam to the mix.

If the infestation is on your carpet, it is highly recommended that you first start by cleaning with a steam cleaner and then follow it with a routine insecticide treatment. Starting with the insecticide and then following it up with a steam sanitization routine, you will significantly reduce the effect of the chemical.

Benefits of Using Steam to Kill Fleas

For most clients I helped sanitize their houses and living spaces, the number one concern was chemical toxins being left on the surface after the job.

Most households have pets and kits, while a few have elderly people. Using chemical detergents and insecticides to get rid of fleas in their mattresses, carpet and general surface meant exposing their children to chemicals.

But I had the best solution at hand – using steam to fix things up. If you don’t know yet, here are the benefits of using steam instead of chemical insecticides.

  • Steam cleaning is a great supplement to dry vacuuming. It will kill adults and larva. Some eggs will also be destroyed by the high temperature.
  • Steam is natural, meaning there are no chemical pollutants left in the house after the cleaning exercise. It is a safe method for pets and children.
  • Steam cleaning is thorough and leaves your carpet dry even though it uses heated water jets.
  • Other than removing fleas, steam mops and cleaners remove mold, mildew, allergens and even dust mites. With one stone, you are killing more birds, right?

Disadvantages of Steam Cleaning to Kill Fleas

There are very few challenges of choosing steam as your method for killing fleas and their eggs. Personally, I noticed that the very fluffy carpets can be a big challenge when infested with pests. Eggs lodged deep in the carpet can be difficult to get rid of. In fact, the warmth of the steam can help them hatch within a day or two, meaning that you will still have a new infestation within a few days.

Another major challenge with steam is that it may not be the most effective for households with pets infested with fleas. Although you can clean the house and kill fleas, you cannot do the same with animals. You will have to rely on a different method, most probably shampooing and grooming baths that get rid of external pests on dogs, cats, and even birds.

Even with the challenges, I always found that to kill fleas and bedbugs with a steam cleaner, keep the cleaning intervals short. That way, you will get rid of any new hatchlings from eggs that survived your previous cleaning and sanitization.

More Tips to Clear the Flea Infestation

One of the things you may not have realized is that a flea infestation does not stop with your carpet and pets. There are more places and items in your house that you need to pay attention to in order to maintain a flea-free homestead. Here are important things you need to pay attention to:

  1. Wash clothes with hot water. Use hot water to wash both human and pet clothing. This will help kill larvae, eggs, and even adult fleas. With a few repeats, the breeding cycle will be interrupted and all the fleas will be gotten rid of.
  2. Wash bedding thoroughly. Another area where you are highly likely to find pests such as your pet’s bed, your mattress, and pillows. Wash these with hot water to get rid of the pests.
  3. Treat and groom your pets. Fleas permanently live and depend on their host. Treat pets regularly to improve your chances of getting rid of the infestations completely. Dog shampoos that get rid of fleas are quite reliable and you should try them.

Remember that regular vacuum and steam cleaning does not guarantee that you will be able to kill fleas for good. With each female flea laying approximately 25 eggs per day, you will likely be dealing with a huge population within a very short time. Your best strategy is to invest in a very good canister steam cleaning machine as well as pet grooming services.

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