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If you own a steam cleaner you likely already singing the virtues of steam cleaning just like me! So if you have a friend that has a steam cleaner or steam mop, you will have almost certainly heard the virtues of steam cleaning.

But while steam cleaning is great, not all steam cleaners are suitable for everyone's needs. For example, many models of steam mops are almost useless once  you leave tiled floors, and some handheld steam cleaners are only suitable for certain small jobs and useless for cleaning floors. There is also a huge amount of variety and price points to choose from, sometimes you can easily get away with buying a cheap steam cleaner with the features you REALLY need.

This website is for both beginner and advanced cleaning using steam. Here, you will learn the benefits of steam cleaning, the best products reviewed for the job and find your questions answered about the whole process on different surfaces and items such as microwaves, floors (hardwood, laminate, vinyl etc.), carpets, mattresses and much more.

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