How to clean blinds with steam

How to Steam Clean Blinds – The Fast Way

What is the fastest way to clean your blinds? The quick answer to this is using a steam cleaner. Whether they are vertical or slatted, you will get them sparkling clean and disinfected with much ease if you apply a steam vacuum.

Slatted blinds can be difficult to clean. Some people put them in the bathtub scrub them clean, dry, then reinstall. This is obviously a lot of work especially if you know nothing about installing vertical and horizontal slatted blinds.

Steam Cleaning – The Fastest Way to Clean Blinds

Unless you have something very nasty that requires you remove the blinds to clean them, there is no need to put them down, soak and scrub them in your bathtub.

The simplest and fastest way to go about this is using your steam cleaner. The truth is whether you have metal wood or vinyl blinds, the most common type of dirt you find on them is dust.

Dusting your slatted blinds using a damp cloth is one of the best ways to do clean blinds on a regular basis. However, if you want to get rid of all sorts of allergens such as dust mites and mold, I would recommend using a steam cleaner. It takes a lot less time and does the job thoroughly.

How to Steam Clean Blinds

Cleaning Venetian blinds can be a lot of work if you have large windows. The method I’m going to show you can be used on any type of blinds. it involves the use of a steam cleaner.

Caution: Be careful if you have vinyl or fabric blinds. Steam can easily discolor them, so do a small test before you start cleaning the entire window blind. Don’t spend a lot of time on vinyl blinds because extreme heat can easily damage them.

Here are the steps you need to follow in order to use a steam cleaning machine on your blinds.

Steps To Steam Clean Blinds:

  1. Prepare the machine by adding water and turning it on for a few minutes (as per the manufacturer’s guidelines).
  2. Slide the brush attachment that came with the machine onto the end of the hose.
  3. For horizontal blinds, move the brush across in order to loosen the dust with steam. If your plants are vertical, use up to down movements in order to get a clean swipe.
  4. If there’s any dust remaining, use a microfiber towel to get rid of it. You can also use it to wipe off any moisture remaining, which is very useful if your blinds are wooden.

What is the best steam cleaner for blinds?

Although steam cleaners are versatile, it is important that you choose the right machine to be able to steam clean your blinders fast (with considerable).

Vacuum and brush attachment: Cleaners that come with plenty of attachments are the best, and the most important attachment to look for is a brush and a vacuum.

HEPA Filter: For extra cleaning capabilities, especially if you want to remove allergens and any small particles, choose a steam cleaner that has a HEPA filter. As the steam loosens the dirt on your blinders, the HEPA vacuum picks up even the smallest of particles from the surface.

Detail brushes: If your machine comes with different detail brushes, it will be the best for steam-cleaning blinds and curtains. Most Dyson, Shark and Bissell brands come with a lot of accessories and attachments that can make your cleaning and disinfecting work a lot more easier.

Should I Add Vinegar to the Solution

Some of my clients suggested that I get their blinds even cleaner by using vinegar in the steam cleaner’s water tank. While this can kill germs, steam is enough for this. Vinegar is not recommended for some surfaces and should be used carefully. You can read more about using vinegar with steam cleaners here.

What else can I use my Handheld Steamer For?

The thing I love most about handheld steam cleaners is that they are so versitle. There are 1000s of uses for steam cleaners. Check the rest of our Steam Cleaning Guides and please let us know if there is any other guide that we can make to help you by commenting below.

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