Does Steam Damage Silicone Sealant? Steam Cleaning Showers

Steam is an excellent way to remove mould from silicone tile sealant in shower cubicles, and an excellent chemical free way to clean your shower.

Steam will not damage silicone sealant if you work carefully and do not overheat an area.

If you hold the steamer in the same place for a very long time it is possible to overheat an area that may cause damage to sealant but this is very unlikely.

If your sealant is already damaged and lifting, heat may worsen this lifting so be careful.

To avoid any risk, use a sweeping motion across one area of sealant at a time.

Is Steam good for Cleaning Silicone Sealant in the Shower or kitchen?

Silicone has a non porous surface so mould is generally on the uppermost surface layer. Steam easily penetrates and loosens this mould on silicone sealant surfaces and kills the spores that keeps it coming back.

In many cases steam alone can be used to blast mould from your tile silicon without scrubbing, but for particularly bad mould accumulations, steam will loosen the mould and it spores from the surface enabling you to scrub the surface clean with ease.

Will Steam Cleaning Remove Dark Mold on Silicon Sealant

Yes, steam will easily remove mold from silicone sealant.

If there is any remaining discoloration on the sealant after steam cleaning, this means that the mold has left behind pigmentation that steam cannot remove. In this situation, use some bleach and soak the sealant to remove the stain.

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