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Cleaning Guides

How to Steam Clean a Mattress to Remove Urine, Sweat Stains

Have you ever cleaned your mattress since you bought it? No? Well, you really need to! Mattresses pick up all kinds of dirt mites and dead skin. Steam cleaning your mattress is the perfect solution! I’m going to show you how to steam clean a mattress and remove urine and sweat stains, and kill bedbugs…

girl finished cleaning a microwave looking happy
Cleaning Guides

How to Steam Clean a Microwave (Vinegar & Baking Soda Hacks)

Stubborn stains in your microwave? No problem. I’m going to show you how to steam clean a microwave using water and vinegar. I have two kids and when they’re done with the microwave, it’s usually dirty, messy and full of stains. Most steam cleaning tasks need a steam cleaner, but cleaning a microwave doesn’t need…