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Not sure where to start? Read our helpful guides to get professional steam cleaning results, and check out our reviews of the best steam mops, steam cleaners, and garment steamers all trialed and tested by our experts.
janitor professionally steam cleaning mattress
Cleaning Guides

How to Steam Clean a Mattress to Remove Urine, Sweat Stains

Have you ever cleaned your mattress since you bought it? No? Well, you really need to! Mattresses pick up all kinds of dirt mites and dead skin. Steam cleaning your mattress is the perfect solution! I’m going to show you how to steam clean a mattress and remove urine and sweat stains, and kill bedbugs…

girl finished cleaning a microwave looking happy
Cleaning Guides

How to Steam Clean a Microwave (Vinegar & Baking Soda Hacks)

Stubborn stains in your microwave? No problem. I’m going to show you how to steam clean a microwave using water and vinegar. I have two kids and when they’re done with the microwave, it’s usually dirty, messy and full of stains. Most steam cleaning tasks need a steam cleaner, but cleaning a microwave doesn’t need…

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We have lots of helpful articles that help you get the most out of your steam cleaner.
Vapor Steam Cleaners

Does Steam Damage Silicone Sealant? Steam Cleaning Showers

Steam is an excellent way to remove mould from silicone tile sealant in shower cubicles, and an excellent chemical free way to clean your shower. Steam will not damage silicone sealant if you work carefully and do not overheat an area. If you hold the steamer in the same place for a very long time…

Yound woman steam cleaning her windows with a steam cleaner
Vapor Steam Cleaners

The Best Steam Cleaners For Windows 2020

Steam cleaners are a marvelous invention, especially multi-purpose ones, they do it all. Multi-Purpose steam cleaners are great for steam cleaning windows, carpets, hard floors, anything. There are some important features needed when steam cleaning windows. In this article, we’ll be fully reviewing 3 of the best steam cleaners for steam cleaning windows in 2020…

Steam cleaner cleaning a window with a squeegee
Vapor Steam Cleaners

How To Steam Clean Windows? The 5-Step Guide

Keeping windows perfectly clean and streak-free requires a lot of work. Never fear, with a steam cleaner, you can easily clean your windows quickly and with little fuss. Forget the sprays and detergents, steam cleaning your widows is simple, easy and affordable! Today I’ll be sharing with you my five-step guide on how to steam…

Steam Mops

10 Best Steam Mops for Hardwood Floors with O-Cedar, Shark Reviews

In this article I will be reviewing the best available steam mops for hardwood floors and giving you recommendations on the best mops to buy and why. I’ve been in the cleaning business for years and I’ve used many different brands of steam cleaning machines. So, here’s my experienced guide and reviews of the best steam…

How to steam clean cigarette stains on walls
Vapor Steam Cleaners

How to Steam Clean Cigarette Smoke from Walls

Ever tried to clean cigarette smoke from your walls? If yes, then you already know how hard it is to remove the wood resin and nicotine once it cakes on. There are different ways of removing nicotine residue. The most effective way of cleaning cigarette smoke from walls is using a steam cleaning machine. Another option is…

best handheld steam cleaners for grout, tile portable
Handheld Steam Cleaners

5 Best Handheld Steam Cleaners for Grout, Tile & More

Here is our guide to the best handheld steam cleaner for cleaning grout, tile floors, and much more. These portable cleaners have numerous accessories, multipurpose use, and fair price. Our reviews include brands such as Bissell, Shark, etc. We’ve tried and tested quite a few and we’re proud to bring you our reviews. Here’s a…

Do Steam Cleaners Disinfect? Sanitize, Kill Germs & Viruses
Vapor Steam Cleaners

Do Steam Cleaners Disinfect? Sanitize, Kill Germs & Viruses

Is steam cleaning effective for killing viruses and other microbes? Yes, steam is very effective at killing viruses and other germs and can be used to sanitize your home. One of the oldest known way to kill virus and microbial pathogens is the use of heat and it remains one of the most effective ways…