The Best Steam Cleaner – There is no such thing

If you have a friend that has a steam cleaner or steam mop, you will have almost certainly heard the virtues of steam cleaning.

But while steam cleaning is great, not all steam cleaners are suitable for everyone. For example, many models of steam mops are almost useless once  you leave tiled floors, and some handheld steam cleaners are only suitable for certain small jobs and useless for cleaning floors. There is also a huge amount of variety and price points to choose from, sometimes you can easily get away with buying a cheap steam cleaner with the features you REALLY need.

This website is for both beginner and advanced cleaning using steam. Here, you will learn the benefits of steam cleaning, the best products reviewed for the job and find your questions answered about the whole process on different surfaces and items such as microwaves, floors (hardwood, laminate, vinyl etc.), carpets, mattresses and much more.

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    Steam is an excellent way to remove mould from silicone tile sealant in shower cubicles, and an excellent chemical free way to clean your shower. Steam will not damage silicone sealant if you work carefully and do not overheat an area. If you hold the steamer in the same place for a very long time it is possible to overheat…

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    We obviously loooove steam cleaning here at steamcleanerpro! But to people new to steam cleaning, sometimes the benefits of steam mops are not really clear. So today, I m going to show you the benefits of steam mops and just how amazing steam cleaning is in general. But first of all, what are they, and how do they work? The…

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    Keeping a tiled floor spotless can be really challenging.   Steam mops are the best possible way to easily (and quickly) help you get those shiny tiles of yours absolutely streak free and shiny!   If you have little one or pets like me, steam mops and steam cleaners for tile really cut down your cleaning time. Unlike mopping, by…

  • 10 Step Guide On To Steam Clean A Couch


    When my couch old was a few years old it got dirty from my kids and their muck! After a while sitting on the stained couch felt odd and gross. It decreased my level of comfort and I felt self-conscious when I had visitors over. My eyes were constantly seeking out the smudges! Over time most fun activities will leave…

  • The Best 5 Furniture Steam Cleaners of 2020


    In this article I'm going to investigate and rank the best steam cleaners for furniture in 2020.    Steam cleaning is a great way to clean and deodorise fabrics. It is no surprise that steam cleaning is a great way to quickly refresh your upholstery furniture.   I have found there are a few really important things to consider as…

  • The Best Steam Cleaners For Windows 2020

    Yound woman steam cleaning her windows with a steam cleaner

    Steam cleaners are a marvelous invention, especially multi-purpose ones, they do it all. Multi-Purpose steam cleaners are great for steam cleaning windows, carpets, hard floors, anything. There are some important features needed when steam cleaning windows. In this article, we’ll be fully reviewing 3 of the best steam cleaners for steam cleaning windows in 2020 and explaining why we have…