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Can You Put Scented Water in Steam Mops?

You’re used to the fragrance your cleaning solution leaves behind after the job. I get it. But since you’re using a steam mop, you’re wondering, is there scented water for steam mops?

You can use scented water in steam mops – but use a recommended product only. It is recommended that you use demineralized water to keep your steam cleaning machine durable. Using common floor cleaning solutions can void your warranty and will likely cause damage to your steam mop. Check your product manual here.

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Can you put essential oils in a steam mop?

Do not put essential oils in your steam mop water tank. Steam Mops are designed for water only, oil will get into the device and create problems. To get a nice fragrance, put essential oils on the steam mop pad itself.

Is there scented water for steam mops?

Yes, there’s scented water you can buy and use in your steam mop. So, if you want the refreshing smell of traditional cleaning solutions to leave on carpets and floors, there’s always a solution at hand. Try scented water for steam cleaners.

A good one I know of is the BISSELL Steam Mop Scented Water.

When you opt to use commercial scented solutions, ensure that you fill your steam mop with distilled water only. The water is heated and emitted as steam, which breaks and loosens grime, dirt and grease. The microfiber attachment on your steam mop wipes the dirt with one swipe.

Do I need the scent?

The problem with steam mopping compared to traditional mopping is the lack of scents such as lemon, lavender, and mint. Nothing is more refreshing than a freshly mopped floor with a scent to it.

But most fragrances in-floor cleaning solutions are not natural. Most of the solutions contain fragrances as well as phenols, bleach, formaldehyde, and isopropyl. These compounds are not safe for babies and pets.

It’s nice to have a scent but steam cleaners don’t need the scent to clean as well as, or even better than the harsh chemicals.

Manufacturers of steam cleaning machines recommend using distilled water only. No cleaning solutions, and no adding vinegar unless you are unblocking the nozzles.

I use the BISELL Powerfresh Slim Steam Cleaning System. To my luck, there’s a scented solution that you can use with all Bissell steam mops and machines.

Want to learn more? Read my review of this fragrance below:

BISSELL Steam Mop Scented Water Review

scented water for steam mops

This is a Bissell product that is safe for use with all steam mops brands. It has a Citrus fragrance but you can choose other fragrances as well. They include spring breeze and citrus.

Using it will leave behind a refreshing scent on your floors. It will also extend the life of your mop according to the manufacturer.

Here are the three Bissell Scented Steam Mop Waters available

Key Points to Note

  • It does not contain any harmful fumes.
  • It is safe for kids and pets.
  • It works well with any handheld steam cleaner on different surfaces including ceramic, vinyl, laminate, granite, marble and sealed hard wood.

Is it worth it?

Some people find the scent short-lived. If you are hoping for a much lingering scent days after cleaning, this might end up disappointing you.

Note that this is not a cleaning solution. It is just distilled water with fragrance. You should not buy it if you are looking for something that will cut through dirt, grime, and grease.

This scented water is very pricey for the amount. It is also not suitable for regular freshening ups. Perhaps you should consider making your own fragrances for your steam mopping job if you want to use it two to three times a week.

I noticed that the bottle can only be used once in the Bissell Powerfresh steamer. If you are trying to clean anything more than 800 sq ft, you will find it expensive to use.

Homemade Scented Steam Mop Solutions

For my cleaning business, I tried this just to avoid so many chemicals. I started using steam cleaning machines and thought the scented steam mop water would add a nice smell to my finish.

I noticed it doesn’t last long. Buying ten to twenty of these bottles is costly. So, I started coming up with simple solutions of my own. Some of the best natural homemade scented solutions for a steam mop include:

  • Lavender essential oil put on the steam mop head itself.
  • Essential eucalyptus oil
  • Other essential oils such as peppermint

Before buying a fragrance, consider the machine you are using and what the manufacturer recommends using. Some scented water solutions can easily damage parts especially if they are made with mineral water.

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  1. If adding essential oils you should check the pet poison control website for those poisonous to your pet and stay away from using them.

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